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Garcia-Palazzo IE , Palazzo JP , Ze Min Liu , Taguchi T , Testa JR
Cytogenetic findings in a breast stromal sarcoma: Application of fluorescence in situ hybridization to characterize the breakpoint regions in an 11:19 translocation
Cancer Genetics and Cytogenetics. 1992 ;63(1) :47-51
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Cytogenetic analysis of a stromal breast sarcoma revealed a complex karyotype that included a reciprocal 11:19 translocation, along with multiple numerical changes, deletions, and other unbalanced structural rearrangements. Karyotypic abnormalities have not been reported previously in this rare neoplasm that arises from mesenchymal breast tissue, and the t(11;19) is of interest because various types of sarcoma are characterized by specific reciprocal translocations. Because of the pericentric nature of the breakpoints on chromosomes 11 and 19 in the t(11;19), classical cytogenetic banding could not reveal the centromeric origin of the translocation derivatives. Using nonisotopic in situ hybridization with chromosome 11 and 19 ?-satellite probes, the centromere of each derivative chromosome was determined, and the rearrangement was interpreted as a balanced translocation, t(11;19)(q12 or q13.1;p12 or p13.1). This abnormality has not been described previously in any breast tumor.
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