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Sauter ER , Hoffman JP , Eisenberg BL
Part I: Diagnosis and surgical management of locally recurrent soft- tissue sarcomas of the extremity
Seminars in Oncology. 1993 ;20(5) :451-455
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The patient who presents with evidence of a recurrent soft-tissue sarcoma of the extremity should have a complete history and physical examination. A diagnostic biopsy, either fine-needle or open biopsy, should be performed to confirm recurrence. Liver-function tests, complete blood cell count, electrolytes, and chest X-ray should be performed. If preliminary evaluation confirms local recurrence and is negative for regional or distant disease, a CT scan of the chest to better exclude metastases, as well as a CT or MRI of the local recurrence, should be performed. If neurovascular structures appear at risk on noninvasive scanning, an arteriogram is performed to exclude major vascular involvement. In selected circumstances, arterial and/or venous reconstruction may be indicated to allow complete gross removal of tumor. Complete removal of tumor should be combined with radiotherapy for all sarcomas with close margins and for any high-grade lesion regardless of margin status. Brachytherapy can often be used even when the patient has had prior teletherapy to the site. Complete tumor removal combined with adjuvant radiotherapy is the best way to prevent subsequent local recurrence and provide long-term survival.
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