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Schwartz MD , Rimer BK , Daly M , Sands C , Lerman C
A randomized trial of breast cancer risk counseling: The impact on self-reported mammography use
American Journal of Public Health. 1999 Jun;89(6) :924-926
PMID: ISI:000080548000024   
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Objectives. We evaluated the impact of individualized breast cancer risk counseling on mammography use among women at risk for breast cancer. Methods. Participants (n = 508) were randomized to the breast cancer risk counseling intervention or a general health education control intervention, and 85% completed follow-up. Results. in multivariate modeling, a significant group-by-education interaction demonstrated that among less-educated participants, breast cancer risk counseling led to reduced mammography use. There was no intervention effect among the more-educated participants. Conclusions. These results suggest that standard breast cancer risk counseling could have an adverse impact on the health behaviors of less- educated women.
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