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Jordan VC
Activated estrogens and antiestrogens: A 30-year journey with David Kupfer
DRUG METABOLISM REVIEWS. 2006 ;38(1-2) :117-127
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David Kupfer had a passion for drug metabolism and used his talents to understand the putative metabolic activation of the insecticides o, p DDT and methoxychlor to estrogens. His research helped to create a scientific foundation for the current interest in endocrine disruption. With the increasing clinical significance of tamoxifen in the late 1980s, and the proposal to test tamoxifen as a breast cancer chemopreventive in healthy women, David initiated laboratory studies on the mechanisms of tamoxifen metabolism. He was the first to note that tamoxifen is metabolically activated to alkylating species. Tamoxifen and insecticides covalently bind to microsomal proteins. His contribution presaged worldwide studies of the induction of rat liver carcinogenesis by tamoxifen.