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Pehrson JR , Litwin S , Myers CB , Cohen LH
Pyrimidine dimer formation as a probe of nucleosome cove and linker structure in situ
Methods-a Companion to Methods in Enzymology. 1999 Nov;19(3) :447-456
PMID: ISI:000084168300012   
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The photoinduced dimerization of adjacent pyrimidines in DNA is influenced in predictable ways by DNA conformation. A method is described for determining patterns of pyrimidine dimer formation under conditions in which the chromatin is minimally perturbed. The relation of such patterns to the conformation of nucleosomal core DNA and linker DNA, as well as the interaction of histone H1 with nucleosomal DNA, is presented. Such data indicate that sharp bends in the path of DNA seen in crystals of isolated nucleosome core particles are also present in intact chromatin. They also indicate that most of the linker has very little curvature except for a small bend at its junction with the nucleosome core. The linker path inferred from such experiments supports models in which the chromatin fiber consists of a zigzag chain:of nucleosomes. (C) 1999 Academic Press.
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