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Serebriiskii Ilya , Golemis Erica A , Joung Keith J
Yeast/bacterial two-hybrid system, kit and methods of use thereof
. 2006 20050831. :37 pp
PMID: AN 2006:212102   
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The present invention relates to a combined yeast/bacterial two-hybrid system. Specifically, the invention provides plasmids and strains suitable for use in both yeast and bacterial protein interaction systems. A novel series of vectors are disclosed in which a single plasmid contg. a modified promoter drives the efficient expression of a bait protein in either yeast or bacteria, thereby permitting parallel studies in both organisms. In addn., optimized supporting yeast and bacterial reporter strains are provided. Also provided in the present invention are kits for practicing the method described above. [on SciFinder (R)]
CAN 144:268574 3-1 Biochemical Genetics Patent written in English. 20060309 877485-11-5; 877485-13-7; 877485-14-8; 877485-15-9 Role: BSU (Biological study, unclassified), PRP (Properties), BIOL (Biological study) (nucleotide sequence; yeast/bacterial two-hybrid system, kit and methods of use thereof) A2 US 2004-606266 20040831