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Mello MLS , Vidal BD , Russo J
Ha-ras oncogene effect on DNA content and chromatin supraorganization in benzo a pyrene-transformed human breast epithelial cells
Analytical Cellular Pathology. 1999 ;19(2) :73-79
PMID: ISI:000085773800004   
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When transfected to benzo[a]pyrene (BP)-transformed MCF-10F human breast epithelial cells (BP1 cell line) the c-Ha-ras oncogene has proven to enhance the neoplastic changes initiated by exposure to BP, giving rise to an aggressive tumorigenic cell line, BP1-Tras. We have previously demonstrated by image analysis that BP affects the DNA content and the chromatin supraorganization of MCF-10F cells. Here Feulgen-stained BP1- Tras cells were studied by image analysis in order to evaluate possible additional changes in DNA content and chromatin texture induced by insertion of the ras oncogene. A high variability in DNA content also including polyploidy or near- polyploidy, and an increase in the packing states of the chromatin which became still condensed in BP1 cells were found in BP1-Tras cells. The results differed from those reported for the BP1-E1 cell Line which is also an aggressive tumorigenic cell Line, but was attained through progressive passages of BP- transformed cells. It was demonstrated that different patterns of changes in DNA content and chromatin organization may be involved in equally aggressive tumorigenic BP-transformed cell lines originated from the same cell line by different mechanisms.
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