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Schaller S , Grandemange S , Shpakovski GV , Golemis EA , Kedinger C , Vigneron M
Interactions between the full complement of human RNA polymerase II subunits
Febs Letters. 1999 Nov 19;461(3) :253-257
PMID: ISI:000083905000024   
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As an approach to elucidating the rules governing the assembly of human RNA polymerase II (hRPB), interactions between its subunits have been systematically analyzed. Eleven of the 12 expected hRPB subunits have previously been tested for reciprocal interactions (J, Biol. Chem, 272 (1997) 16815- 16821), We now report the results obtained for the last subunit (hRPB4; Mel. Cell. Biol, 18 (1998) 1935-1945) and propose an essentially complete picture of the potential interactions occurring within hRPB, Finally, complementation experiments in yeast indicated that hRPB4 expression efficiently cured both heat and cold-sensitivity of RPB4-lacking strains, supporting the existence of conserved functional subunit interactions. (C) 1999 Federation of European Biochemical Societies.
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