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Hayakawa K , Asano M , Shinton SA , Gui M , Allman D , Stewart CL , Silver J , Hardy RR
Positive selection of natural autoreactive B cells
Science. 1999 Jul 2;285(5424) :113-116
PMID: ISI:000081199800043   
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Lymphocyte development is critically influenced by self- antigens. T cells are subject to both positive and negative selection, depending on their degree of seif-reactivity. Although B cells are subject to negative selection, it has been difficult to test whether self-antigen plays any positive role in B cell development. A murine model system of naturally generated autoreactive B cells with a germ Line gene-encoded specificity for the Thy-1 (CD90) glycoprotein was developed, in which the presence of self-antigen promotes B cell accumulation and serum autoantibody secretion. Thus, B cells can be subject to positive selection, generated, and maintained on the basis of their autoreactivity.
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