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Rogatko A , Babb JS , Tighiouart M , Khuri FR , Hudes G
New paradigm in dose-finding trials: Patient-specific dosing and beyond phase I
Clinical Cancer Research. 2005 Aug 1;11(15) :5342-5346
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We propose a new paradigm for the clinical evaluation of new cancer therapies. It entails adjusting the search for the optimal dose on the basis of measurable patient characteristics that may be predictive of adverse responses to treatment, and extending this search beyond phase I and into phases II and III. We provide examples of (a) how the fine-tuning of dose may involve utilization of patient- specific attributes to obtain a personalized treatment regimen, and (b) how novel methods for phase I design can be used to update the working dose for the conduct of phase II and III cancer clinical trials. These examples should be interpreted as an enticement for the development of new methods to implement the proposed new paradigm.
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