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Fowble B
Ipsilateral breast tumor recurrence following breast-conserving surgery for early-stage invasive cancer
Acta Oncologica. 1999 ;38 :9-17
PMID: ISI:000084054900002   
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Ipsilateral breast tumor recurrence (IBTR) following conservative surgery and radiation for early stage invasive cancer occurs in approximately 15% of all patients at 10 years and is diminished with surgical excisions which achieve negative margins. Treatment strategies of breast-conserving surgery with or without radiation that result in IBTR rates of 3D-40% will impact negatively on survival and the magnitude of this effect will be influenced by the predominant pattern of local failure as well as initial and subsequent distant metastases. Optimal local control in early-stage invasive breast cancer is important to minimize the risk of a salvage mastectomy and maximize the potential for long-term survival.
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