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Chang Y , Bosma MJ , Bosma GC
Extended duration of DH-JH rearrangement in immunoglobulin heavy chain transgenic mice: Implications for regulation of allelic exclusion
Journal of Experimental Medicine. 1999 Apr 19;189(8) :1295-1305
PMID: ISI:000079898600012   
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Here we show that suppression of VH-DJH rearrangement in mice bearing a mu heavy (H) chain transgene (mu-tg mice) is associated with an extended period of DH-JH rearrangement, the first step of Immunoglobulin H chain gene rearrangement. Whereas DH-JH rearrangement is normally initiated and completed at the pro-B cell stage, in mu-tg mice it continues beyond this stage and occurs most frequently at the small (late) pre-B stage. Despite ongoing DH-JH rearrangement in late pre-B cells of mu-tg mice, VH-DJH rearrangement is not detectable in these cells. We infer that the lack of VH-DJH rearrangement primarily reflects tg-induced acceleration of B cell differentiation past the stage at which rearrangement of VH elements is permissible. In support of this inference, we find that the normal representation of early B Lineage subsets is markedly altered in CL-tg mice. We suggest that the effect of a productive VH- DJH rearrange ment at an endogenous H chain allele may be similar to that of a mu-tg; i.e., cells that make a productive VH-DJH rearrangement on the first attempt rapidly progress to a developmental stage that precludes VH-DJH rearrangement at the other allele (allelic exclusion).
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