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Ma CM , Li JS , Jiang SB , Pawlicki T , Xiong W , Qin LH , Yang J
Effect of statistical uncertainties on Monte Carlo treatment planning
Physics in Medicine and Biology. 2005 Sp. Iss. SI MAR 7;50(5) :891-907
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This paper reviews the effect of statistical uncertainties on radiotherapy treatment planning using Monte Carlo simulations. We discuss issues related to the statistical analysis of Monte Carlo dose calculations for realistic clinical beams using various variance reduction or time saving techniques. We discuss the effect of statistical uncertainties on dose prescription and monitor unit calculation for conventional treatment and intensity-modulated radiotherapy (IMRT) based on Monte Carlo simulations. We show the effect of statistical uncertainties on beamlet dose calculation and plan optimization for IMRT and other advanced treatment techniques such as modulated electron radiotherapy (MERT). We provide practical guidelines for the clinical implementation of Monte Carlo treatment planning and show realistic examples of Monte Carlo based IMRT and MERT plans.
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