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Ashe JM , Wiest DL , Abe R , Singer A
ZAP-70 protein promotes tyrosine phosphorylation of T cell receptor signaling motifs (ITAMs) in immature CD4(+)8(+) thymocytes with limiting p56(lck)
Journal of Experimental Medicine. 1999 Apr 5;189(7) :1163-1167
PMID: ISI:000079648700018   
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As a result of interaction with epithelial cells in the thymic cortex, immature CD4(+)8(+) (double positive, DP) thymocytes express relatively few T cell receptors (TCRs) and contain diminished numbers of coreceptor-associated p56(lck) (lck) PTK molecules. As a result, TCR signal transduction in DP thymocytes is significantly impaired, despite its importance for repertoire selection. We report here that, ill DP thymocytes, tyrosine phosphorylation of TCR signaling motifs (ITAMs) by Ick, an early event in TCR signal transduction, is dependent upon ZAP-70 protein independent of ZAP-70's kinase activity. Furthermore, the: dependence on ZAP-70 protein for ITAM phosphorylation diminishes as available Ick increases. Importantly, ZAP-70's role in ITAM phosphorylation in DP thymocytes is not limited to protecting phosphorylated ITAMs from dephosphorylation. Rather, this study indicates that ZAP- 70 protein augments ITAM phosphorylation in DP thymocytes and so compensates in part for the relative deficiency of coreceptor-associated Ick.
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