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Kruh Gary D
Lustrous insights into cisplatin accumulation: Copper transporters
Clinical Cancer Research. 2003 ;9(16, Pt. 1) :5807-5809
PMID: AN 2003:979597   
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A review. The research of Samimi et al. (2003) entitled \"Increase in expression of the copper transporter ATP7A during platinum drug-based treatment is assocd. with poor survival in ovarian cancer patients\" is reviewed with commentary and refs. Samimi et al. report that ATP7A is widely expressed in human cancers, including breast, stomach, colon, ovary, lung, and prostate. Expression of ATP7A in several types of cancers was increased by comparison with expression in normal adjacent tissue. In their anal., patients for whom expression in post-treatment samples was increased in comparison with pretreatment of samples that expressed ATP7A after treatment was somewhat lower than the percentage in pretreatment samples, and the no. of patients for whom expression decreased from a detectable level to undetectable was greater than the reverse situation. This anal. suggests that induction of ATP7A expression could neg. impact the effectiveness of platinum-based chemotherapy. [on SciFinder (R)]
CAN 141:81414 1-0 Pharmacology Medical Science Division,Fox Chase Cancer Center,Philadelphia,PA,USA. Journal; General Review 1078-0432 written in English. 7440-06-4D (Platinum); 15663-27-1 (Cisplatin) Role: PAC (Pharmacological activity), THU (Therapeutic use), BIOL (Biological study), USES (Uses) (lustrous insights into cisplatin accumulation in cancer treatment and role of copper transporters)