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Kossenkov A , Manion FJ , Korotkov E , Moloshok TD , Ochs MF
ASAP: automated sequence annotation pipeline for web-based updating of sequence information with a local dynamic database
Bioinformatics. 2003 Mar;19(5) :675-676
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The automated sequence annotation pipeline (ASAP) is designed to ease routine investigation of new functional annotations on unknown sequences, such as expressed sequence tags (ESTs), through querying of web- accessible resources and maintenance of a local database. The system allows easy use of the output from one search as the input for a new search, as well as the filtering of results. The database is used to store formats and parameters and information for parsing data from web sites. The database permits easy updating of format information should a site modify the format of a query or of a returned web page.
Ochs, MF,Fox Chase Canc Ctr, Dept Informat Sci & Technol, 7701 Burholme Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19111 USA Article English