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Kelley DE , Wiedemann LM , Pittet AC , Strauss S , Nelson KJ , Davis J , Van Ness B , Perry RP
Nonproductive kappa immunoglobulin genes: recombinational abnormalities and other lesions affecting transcription, RNA processing, turnover, and translation
Mol Cell Biol. 1985 Jul;5(7) :1660-75
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Six nonproductive kappa immunoglobulin genes (kappa- alleles) were cloned and sequenced. The structural abnormalities discerned from sequence analysis were correlated with functional lesions at the level of transcription, RNA processing, turnover, and translation. Four kappa- alleles, three containing V kappa genes and one not, are transcribed at normal or even greater than normal rates, the defects in these genes being expressed at various posttranscriptional levels. The other two kappa- alleles, both of which lacked V genes, exhibited greatly depressed yet clearly detectable transcriptional activity. These results are consistent with a hierarchical relationship between enhancer and promoter elements in which the enhancer establishes transcriptional competence at the kappa locus and the promoter (or pseudopromoter) determines the relative level of transcriptional activity. One of the structural abnormalities discovered in this study, a large deletion which removes the entire J kappa region, also provides new insight into the mechanism of VJ and VDJ recombination.
0270-7306 Journal Article