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Hariharan N , Kelley DE , Perry RP
Equipotent mouse ribosomal protein promoters have a similar architecture that includes internal sequence elements
Genes Dev. 1989 Nov;3(11) :1789-800
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The promoters of the mouse ribosomal protein genes rpL30, rpL32, and rpS16 are of equal strength, as indicated by in vivo measurements of polymerase loading and by their relative efficiency in driving the expression of a linked reporter gene. The equipotency of these promoters appears to derive from a remarkably similar architecture in which five or more elements are distributed over a 200-bp region that spans a polypyrimidine-embedded cap site. Three trans-acting factors are shared by the rpL30 and rpL32 promoters, one of which, delta, recognizes a common CNGCCATCT motif in the first (untranslated) exons. Site-specific mutagenesis demonstrated that delta-factor binding is critical for rpL30 promoter function. The repeated occurrence of this novel promoter architecture among ribosomal protein genes with very different coding specificities is most readily explained by convergent evolution.
0890-9369 Journal Article