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Deng J , Guerrero T , Ma CM , Nath R
Modelling 6 MV photon beams of a stereotactic radiosurgery system for Monte Carlo treatment planning
Physics in Medicine and Biology. 2004 May;49(9) :1689-1704
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The goal of this work is to build a multiple source model to represent the 6 MV photon beams from a Cyberknife stereotactic radiosurgery system for Monte Carlo treatment planning dose calculations. To achieve this goal, the 6 MV photon beams have been characterized and modelled using the EGS4/BEAM Monte Carlo system. A dual Source model has been used to reconstruct the particle phase space at a plane immediately above the secondary collimator. The proposed model consists of two circular planar sources for the primary photons and the scattered photons, respectively. The dose contribution of the contaminant electrons was found to be in the order of 10(-3) of the total maximum dose and therefore has been omitted in the source model. Various comparisons have been made to verify the dual source model against the full phase space simulated using the EGS4/BEAM system. The agreement in percent depth dose (PDD) curves and dose profiles between the phase space and the source model was! generally within 2%/1 mm for various collimators (5 to 60 mm in diameter) at 80 to 100 cm source-to-surface distances (SSD). Excellent agreement (within 1%/ 1 mm) was also found between the dose distributions in heterogeneous lung and bone geometry calculated using the original phase space and those calculated using the source model. These results demonstrated the accuracy of the dual source model for Monte Carlo treatment planning dose calculations for the Cyberknife system.
English Article Life Sciences (LS) Deng, J; Yale Univ, Sch Med, Dept Therapeut Radiol, New Haven, CT 06510 USA. 0031-9155