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Iczkowski KA , Han AC , Edelson MI , Rosenblum NG
Primary, localized vulvar B-cell lymphoma expressing CD44 variant 6 but not cadherins. A case report
J Reprod Med. 2000 Oct;45(10) :853-6
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BACKGROUND: Primary extranodal lymphoma of the vulva is rare, with only 17 prior cases reported. Its immunohistochemical profile has not been characterized beyond B- or T-cell phenotype. CASE: A 64-year-old, white woman presented with a nontender enlargement of the right labium minus and labium majus. Bilateral vulvar punch biopsies revealed an infiltrate of neoplastic lymphocytes that filled the reticular dermis and extended down to the subcutaneous fat. Lymphoma cells were positive for CD20 and expressed CD43 in an aberrant manner. The tumor was examined for adhesion protein expression. There was expression of CD44 standard and variant 6 but not of E-, N- or P-cadherin. No systemic spread of this rare lymphoma was evident after one year. CONCLUSION: Adhesion protein expression in primary vulvar lymphoma may have prognostic implications.
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