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Balkwill F , Bast RC , Berek J , Chenevix-Trench G , Gore M , Hamilton T , Jacobs I , Mills G , Souhami R , Urban N , Ursulic S , Smyth J
Current research and treatment for epithelial ovarian cancer. A Position Paper from the Helene Harris Memorial Trust
Eur J Cancer. 2003 Sep;39(13) :1818-27
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In March 2003, an international mulltidisciplinary group of scientists and clinicians with a specific interest in ovarian cancer met for 4 days to discuss research into and treatment of this challenging disease. Under the headings of molecular genetics, molecular biology, the biology of ovarian cancer, old therapies, new targets and the early detection of the disease, this Position Paper summarises the presentations and discussion from the 9th Biennial Helene Harris Memorial Trust Forum on Ovarian Cancer. In particular, we highlight the potential of international collaborations in translating laboratory science into useful clinical interventions.
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