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Schleutker J , Baffoe-Bonnie AB , Gillanders E , Kainu T , Jones MP , Freas-Lutz D , Markey C , Gildea D , Riedesel E , Albertus J , Gibbs KD Jr , Matikainen M , Koivisto PA , Tammela T , Bailey-Wilson JE , Trent JM , Kallioniemi OP
Genome-wide scan for linkage in finnish hereditary prostate cancer (HPC) families identifies novel susceptibility loci at 11q14 and 3p25-26
Prostate. 2003 Dec 1;57(4) :280-9
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BACKGROUND: In order to identify predisposition loci to hereditary prostate cancer (HPC), we performed a genome-wide linkage analysis using samples from a genetically homogeneous population, with 13 Finnish multiplex prostate cancer families. METHODS: Altogether 87 DNA samples were genotyped from 13 families. Logarithm-of-odds (LOD) scores were calculated for all autosomes using FASTLINK and GENEHUNTER designating all unaffected men and all women as unknown. RESULTS: The highest LOD scores in the affected-only analyses were found at 11q14, where the two-point LOD score was 2.97 (theta = 0.0 at D11S901), GENEHUNTER heterogeneity LOD (HLOD) of 3.36, and a non-parametric-linkage (NPL) score of 2.67 (P = 0.008). A second positive site was at 3p25-26, with a two-point LOD score of 2.57 (theta = 0.01 at D3S1297), HLOD of 2.15, and NPL score of 2.27 (P = 0.02). CONCLUSIONS: The results suggest two HPC regions in the Finnish population, which have not been reported previously and warrant further study. Prostate 57: 280-289, 2003.
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