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Kruh GD , Belinsky MG
The MRP family of drug efflux pumps
Oncogene. 2003 Oct;22(47) :7537-7552
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The MRP family is comprised of nine related ABC transporters that are able to transport structurally diverse lipophilic anions and function as drug efflux pumps. Investigations of this family have provided insights not only into cellular resistance mechanisms associated with natural product chemotherapeutic agents, antifolates and nucleotide analogs, but also into factors that influence drug distribution in the body, membrane systems that are involved in the extrusion of reduced folates, cysteinyl leukotrienes and bile acids, and the molecular basis of two hereditary conditions in humans. The review will describe the biochemical properties, drug resistance activities and potential in vivo functions of these unusual pumps.
English Review Life Sciences (LS) Kruh, GD; Fox Chase Canc Ctr, Div Med Sci, 7701 Burholme Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19111 USA. 0950-9232