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Treat J , Damjanov N , Huang C , Zrada S , Rahman A
Liposomal-encapsulated chemotherapy: preliminary results of a phase I study of a novel liposomal paclitaxel
Oncology (Huntingt). 2001 May;15(5 Suppl 7) :44-8
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Liposome encapsulation of antineoplastic drugs entered clinical testing in the late 1980s. As carriers for a variety of agents, liposomes can allow successful delivery of agents that may be subject to rapid degradation in the serum and can modify the toxicity profile. In general, liposomes have demonstrated an ability to attenuate toxicities by their different pharmacokinetic profile and pattern of distribution. Differences in the constitution of the liposome can greatly affect the pharmacokinetic profile resulting in different patterns of toxicity. Characteristics such as size, charge, composition, and integrity can affect performance of the liposome. Liposome encapsulation of doxorubicin has been shown to reduce cardiac toxicity. Preliminary data suggest that encapsulation of paclitaxel can greatly modify neurotoxicity without the need for cremephor.
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