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Bruening Wendy , Giasson Benoit I , Klein-Szanto Andres JP , Lee Virginia MY , Trojanowski John Q , Godwin Andrew K
Synucleins are expressed in the majority of breast and ovarian carcinomas and in preneoplastic lesions of the ovary
Cancer. 2000 ;88(9) :2154-2163
PMID: AN 2000:319594   
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The synucleins (a, b, and g) are a family of small cytoplasmic proteins that are expressed predominantly in neurons. a Synuclein has attracted considerable attention due to its involvement in neurodegenerative diseases. Abnormal expression of g synuclein has recently been reported in some breast tumors. In this study, the authors examd. a panel of breast and ovarian carcinomas for expression of a, b, and g synucleins. Normal breast and ovary tissue samples, tissue from ovaries of women at high risk of ovarian carcinoma, and tissue from breast and ovarian carcinomas were screened by immunohistochem. and Western blot anal. for synuclein expression. Synucleins were not detectable by Western blot anal. in normal breast tissue. 82 Percent (14 of 17) of Stage III/IV breast ductal carcinomas expressed b synuclein, g synuclein, or both simultaneously. Expression of a synuclein was not detected in breast carcinomas by Western blot anal. Synuclein (a, b, and g) expression was not detectable by immunohistochem. in normal ovarian epithelium. 87 Percent (39 of 45) of ovarian carcinomas were found to express at least 1 type of synuclein, and 42% (19 of 45) expressed all 3 synucleins (a, b, and g) simultaneously. Highly punctate g synuclein expression was also obsd. in 20% of preneoplastic lesions of the ovary, including epithelial inclusion cysts, hyperplastic epithelium, and papillary structures, suggesting that g synuclein up-regulation may occur early in the development of some ovarian tumors. a, b, And g synuclein are expressed in a high percentage of ovarian and breast carcinomas, and abnormal g synuclein expression may occur early in the development of ovarian carcinoma. [on SciFinder (R)]
CAN 133:29101 14-1 Mammalian Pathological Biochemistry Department of Medical Oncology,Fox Chase Cancer Center,Philadelphia,PA,USA. Journal 0008-543X written in English.