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Starr DA , Saffery R , Li ZX , Simpson AE , Choo KHA , Yen TJ , Goldberg ML
HZwint-1,a novel human kinetochore component that interacts with HZW10
Journal of Cell Science. 2000 Jun;113(11) :1939-1950
PMID: ISI:000087734700011   
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HZwint-1 (Human ZW10 interacting protein-1) was identified in a yeast two hybrid screen for proteins that interact with HZW10. HZwint-1 cDNA encodes a 43 kDa protein predicted to contain an extended coiled-coil domain, Immunofluorescence studies with sera raised against HZwint-1 protein revealed strong kinetochore staining in nocodazole-arrested chromosome spreads. This signal co-localizes at the kinetochore with HZW10, at a position slightly outside of the central part of the centromere as revealed by staining with a CREST serum. The kinetochore localization of HZwint-1 has been confirmed by following GFP fluorescence in HeLa cells transiently transfected with a plasmid encoding a GFP/HZwint-1 fusion protein. In cycling HeLa cells, HZwint-1 localizes to the kinetochore of prophase HeLa cells prior to HZW10 localization, and remains at the kinetochore until late in anaphase, This localization pattern, combined with the two-hybrid results, suggests that HZwint-1 may play a role in targeting HZW10 to the kinetochore at prometaphase. HZwint-1 was also found to localize to neocentromeres and to the active centromere of dicentric chromosomes. HZwint-1 thus appears to associate with all active centromeres, implying that it plays an important role in correct centromere function.
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