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Crasto CJ , Feng JA
LINKER: a program to generate linker sequences for fusion proteins
Protein Eng. 2000 May;13(5) :309-12
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The construction of functional fusion proteins often requires a linker sequence that adopts an extended conformation to allow for maximal flexibility. Linker sequences are generally selected based on intuition. Without a reliable selection criterion, the design of such linkers is often difficult, particularly in situations where longer linker sequences are required. Here we describe a program called LINKER which can automatically generate a set of linker sequences that are known to adopt extended conformations as determined by X-ray crystallography and NMR. The only required input to the program is the desired linker sequence length. The program is specifically designed to assist in fusion protein construction. A number of optional input parameters have been incorporated so that users are able to enhance sequence selection based on specific applications. The program output simply contains a set of sequences with a specified length. This program should be a useful tool in both the biotechnology industry and biomedical research. It can be accessed through the Web page http://www.fccc. edu/research/labs/feng/linker.html.
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