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Chu J , Gallo JM
Application of microdialysis to characterize drug disposition in tumors
Adv Drug Deliv Rev. 2000 Dec 15;45(2-3) :243-53
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Microdialysis is an in vivo sampling technique that was initially developed to measure endogenous substances in the field of neurotransmitter research. In the past decade, microdialysis has been increasingly applied to study the pharmacokinetics and drug metabolism in the blood and various tissues of both animals and humans. This paper describes the general aspects of this in vivo sampling technique followed by the survey of the recent papers regarding the application of microdialysis to characterize anticancer drug disposition in solid tumors. It can be concluded that microdialysis is a very suitable method to obtain drug concentration-time profiles in the interstitial fluid of solid tumors as well as of other variety of tissues.
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