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Chan GK , Jablonski SA , Starr DA , Goldberg ML , Yen TJ
Human Zw10 and ROD are mitotic checkpoint proteins that bind to kinetochores
Nat Cell Biol. 2000 Dec;2(12) :944-7
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Here we show that human Zeste White 10 (Zw10) and Rough deal (Rod) are new components of the mitotic checkpoint, as cells lacking these proteins at kinetochores fail to arrest in mitosis when exposed to microtubule inhibitors. Checkpoint failure and premature mitotic exit may explain why cells defective for hZw10 and hRod divide with lagging chromosomes. As Zw10 and Rod are not conserved in yeast, our data, combined with an accompanying study of Drosophila Zw10 and Rod, indicate that metazoans may require an elaborate spindle checkpoint to monitor complex kinetochore functions.
20582455 1465-7392 Journal Article