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Price RA , Chibani O , Ma CM
Shielding evaluation for IMRT implementation in an existing accelerator vault
J Appl Clin Med Phys. 2003 Summer;4(3) :231-8
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A formalism is developed for evaluating the shielding in an existing vault to be used for IMRT. Existing exposure rate measurements are utilized as well as a newly developed effective modulation scaling factor. Examples are given for vaults housing 6, 10 and 18 MV linear accelerators. The use of an 18 MV Siemens linear accelerator is evaluated for IMRT delivery with respect to neutron production and the effects on individual patients. A modified modulation scaling factor is developed and the risk of the incurrence of fatal secondary malignancies is estimated. The difference in neutron production between 18 MV Varian and Siemens accelerators is estimated using Monte Carlo results. The neutron production from the Siemens accelerator is found to be approximately 4 times less than that of the Varian accelerator resulting in a risk of fatal secondary malignancy occurrence of approximately 1.6% when using the SMLC delivery technique and our measured modulation scaling factors. This compares with a previously published value of 1.6% for routine 3D CRT delivery on the Varian accelerator.
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