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Powers DB , Amersdorfer P , Poul M , Nielsen UB , Shalaby MR , Adams GP , Weiner LM , Marks JD
Expression of single-chain Fv-Fc fusions in Pichia pastoris
J Immunol Methods. 2001 May 1;251(1-2) :123-35
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Phage display technology makes possible the direct isolation of monovalent single-chain Fv antibody fragments. For many applications, however, it is useful to restore Fc mediated antibody functions such as avidity, effector functions and a prolonged serum half-life. We have constructed vectors for the convenient, rapid expression of a single-chain antibody Fv domain (scFv) fused to the Fc portion of human IgG1 in the methylotrophic yeast Pichia pastoris. The scFv-Fc fusion protein is secreted and recovered from the culture medium as a disulfide-linked, glycosylated homodimer. The increased size of the dimer (approximately 106 kDa vs. approximately 25 kDa for a scFv) results in a prolonged serum half-life in vivo, with t(1/2) of the beta phase of clearance increasing from 3.5 h for a typical scFv to 93 h for a scFv-Fc fusion in mice. The scFv-Fc fusion is capable of mediating antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity against tumor target cells using human peripheral blood mononuclear cells as effectors. Finally, the Fc domain is a convenient, robust affinity handle for purification and immunochemical applications, eliminating the need for proteolytically sensitive epitope and/or affinity tags on the scFv.
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