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Weaver C
Life after breast cancer surgery
Nursing.. 2000 Oct;30(10 part 1) :Hosp Nurs: 32hn1-2
PMID: 2000071959   
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Ease your patient's fears about breast cancer surgery by shedding light on the latest information.
Special Fields Contained : abstract, cited references. Special Interest Category: Oncologic Care Local Message: library has print only Locally Held: Yes Entry Week: 200011 Cited References: Baron R. Sensory alterations after breast cancer surgery. Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing 1998; 2(1):17-23. Cited References: Baron R. Sentinel lymph node bopsy in breast cancer and the role of the onlcology nurse. Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing 1999; 3(1):17-22. Cited References: Grennlee R et al. Cancer statistics. CA: A Cancer Journal for Clinicians 2000; 50(1):7-33. Cited References: Gross R et al. Current issues in the surgical treatment of early stage breast cancer. Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing 1998; 2(2):55-63. Cited References: Understanding breast cancer treatment: a guide for patients. Bethesda, MD: National Cancer Institute; 1998. Cited References: What every woman facing breast cancer should know about lymphedema. Atlanta, GA: American Cancer Society; 2000.