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Bruner DW , Pickett M , Joseph A , Burggraf V
Prostate cancer elder alert. Epidemiology, screening, and early detection
J Gerontol Nurs. 2000 Jan;26(1) :6-15; quiz 54-5
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Prostate cancer is the number one cancer, excluding skin, diagnosed in men and affects mostly older men (mean age of diagnosis is 72.3). The American Cancer Society recommends annual prostate-specific antigen testing and digital rectal examination begin at age 50 for men with a life expectancy of at least 10 additional years or age 45 for men who have a strong familial history or who are Black. Although sensitive and reliable methods for screening and early detection of prostate cancer exist, questions regarding the costs and benefits of screening in asymptomatic men have been raised. Nurses need to be aware of the controversies in prostate cancer screening and provide information that will enhance the decision-making process and encourage truly informed consent.
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