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Patriotis C , Russeva MG , Lin JH , Srinivasula SM , Markova DZ , Tsatsanis C , Makris A , Alnemri ES , Tsichlis PN
Tpl-2 induces apoptosis by promoting the assembly of protein complexes that contain caspase-9, the adapter protein Tvl-1, and procaspase-3
J Cell Physiol. 2001 May;187(2) :176-87
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The Tpl-2 proto-oncoprotein promotes cellular proliferation when overexpressed in a variety of tumor cell lines. Here, we present evidence that when overexpressed in immortalized non-transformed cells, Tpl-2 induces apoptosis by promoting the activation of caspase-3 via a caspase-9-dependent mechanism, and that apoptosis is enhanced when Tpl-2 is co-expressed with the newly identified ankyrin repeat protein Tvl-1. The activation of caspase-3 by caspase-9 is known to depend on the assembly of a multimolecular complex that includes Apaf-1 and caspase-9. Data presented here show that co-expression of Tpl-2 with Tvl-1 promotes the assembly of a complex that involves several proteins that bind Apaf-1 including Tvl-1, itself, Tpl-2 and phosphorylated procaspase-9. More important, procaspase-3, which under normal growth conditions is not associated with the complex, binds Tvl-1 conditionally in response to Tpl-2-generated apoptotic signals. The conditional association of procaspase-3 with Tvl-1 promotes the in vivo proteolytic maturation of procaspase-3 by caspase-9, a process casually linked to apoptosis.
0021-9541 Journal Article