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Fleisher L , Woodworth M , Morra M , Baum S , Darrow S , Davis S , Slevin-Perocchia R , Stengle W , Ward JA
Balancing research and service: the experience of the cancer information service
Prev Med. 1998 Sep-Oct;27(5 Pt 2) :S84-92
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BACKGROUND: The National Cancer Institute's Cancer Information Service (CIS), the nation's foremost resource for cancer information, has supported cancer control research throughout its 22-year history. The Cancer Information Service Research Consortium (CISRC) is a consortium established to fully involve the CIS in theory-based cancer control research. METHODS: This paper focuses on the experiences of the CIS Project Directors in the development and implementation of three research projects within the CIS program. Conclusions are drawn from discussions that have taken place over time in such venues as conference calls, CISRC Members Council meetings, and project advisory meetings. RESULTS: Overall, the CISRC/CIS collaboration has been successful. A number of factors have contributed to this success, including the perceived value of the research within the CIS and the mechanisms and structures established to foster collaboration. The lessons learned, based on the challenges and opportunities of implementing these intervention research projects within the operations of the regional CIS offices, are discussed. CONCLUSIONS: Integration of research within a service program requires careful planning and preparation. Mutual benefit, shared ownership, consistency with current practice, staff training, and the value of research to each partner were essential ingredients to the success of this collaboration.
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