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Bookman MA , McLaughlin L , Burgess S , Wolfenden AS
Web-based resources for clinical protocol management
Oncology (Huntingt). 1998 Nov;12(11A) :352-5
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The data monitoring regulatory procedures, and administrative tasks associated with protocol management have become increasingly complex. Relational database technology and Internet-based connectivity offer resources to improve the quality and efficiency of protocol operations. At Fox Chase Cancer Center, we have developed a suite of database applications for protocol management and tracking of patient accrual. All data transactions and reporting occur through a graphical web browser interface using standard Internet technology. Security and confidentiality have been addressed through encryption, user authentication, address restriction, and database authority. Database management has been tightly integrated with protocol operations to avoid duplication of resources and effort. Data query functions also extend to other institutional resources, such as tumor registry and the hospital clinical laboratory, to further reduce the need for redundant data storage. Newer components, such as chemotherapy orders and toxicity reporting, have been incorporated in a modular fashion. Although custom software development can be expensive and time-consuming, it offers the best opportunity for successful integration with existing resources, staff, and procedures, as well as collaboration with other institutions.
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