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Armbruster BN , Etheridge KT , Broccoli D , Counter CM
Putative telomere-recruiting domain in the catalytic subunit of human telomerase
Molecular and Cellular Biology. 2003 May;23(9) :3237-3246
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Telomerase, the enzyme that elongates telomeres, is essential to maintain telomere length and to immortalize most cancer cells. However, little is known about the regulation of this enzyme in higher eukaryotes. We previously described a domain in the hTERT telomerase catalytic subunit that is essential for telomere elongation and cell immortalization in vivo but dispensable for catalytic activity in vitro. Here, we show that fusions of hTERT containing different mutations in this domain to the telomere binding protein hTRF2 redirected the mutated hTERT to telomeres and rescued its in vivo functions. We suggest that this domain posttranscriptionally regulates telomerase function by targeting the enzyme, to telomeres.
Counter, CM,Duke Univ, Ctr Med, Dept Pharmacol & Canc Biol, Durham, NC 27710 USA Article English