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Manne S , Schnoll R
Measuring supportive and unsupportive responses during cancer treatment: a factor analytic assessment of the partner responses to cancer inventory
J Behav Med. 2001 Aug;24(4) :297-321
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This study examined the psychometric structure of a measure of positive and negative spouse responses to individuals with cancer, the Partner Responses to Cancer Inventory (PRCI). The forty-eight items were either developed by the authors or adapted from the Inventory of Socially Supportive Behaviors. Seven a priori subscales of the PRCI, four positive support scales and three negative spouse behavior scales, were hypothesized. The instrument was administered to 304 cancer patients undergoing cancer treatment. Exploratory factor analyses yielded four factors that were subsequently confirmed by confirmatory factor analysis: (a) Emotional and Instrumental Support, (b) Cognitive Information and Guidance, (c) Encouraging Distancing and Self-Restraint, and (d) Criticism and Withdrawal. The measure satisfied standard criteria for internal consistency and construct validity, and thus may be useful for social support theory and research.
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