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Nicolaou N
Radiation therapy treatment planning and delivery
Semin Oncol Nurs. 1999 Nov;15(4) :260-9
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OBJECTIVES: To provide an overview of radiation therapy treatment planning and delivery, and discuss technologic advances and their importance in present and future oncologic care. DATA SOURCES: Radiation oncology textbooks and radiation physics and treatment planning textbooks. CONCLUSIONS: The increased sophistication and complex abilities of modern radiation therapy planning and delivery are steadily improving cancer treatment outcomes and quality of life. Radiation is now an essential and integral part of cancer care and may be used alone or as part of combined modality therapy. Further technologic advances will allow improvement in the ability of radiation therapy to cure cancer and improve quality of life for an ever-increasing variety of patients. IMPLICATIONS FOR NURSING PRACTICE: Oncology nurses with an understanding of the components of radiation treatment plans and their delivery will be able to provide appropriate education for patients offered radiation and prepare them for the lengthy and complex process of radiation therapy.
0749-2081 Journal Article