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Tartof KD , Bremer M
Mechanisms for the Construction and Developmental Control of Heterochromatin Formation and Imprinted Chromosome Domains
Development. 1990 ;Suppl. :35-45
PMID: ISI:A1990EW26100007   
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The study of variegating position effects in Drosophila provides a model system to explore the mechanism and material basis for the construction and developmental control of heterochromatin domains and the imprinted genomic structures that they may create. The results of our experiments in this regard have implications for a diverse assortment of long-range chromosome phenomena related to gene and chromosome inactivation. Specifically, as a consequence of our studies on position effect variegation, we propose a simple mechanism of X-chromosome inactivation, suggest a purpose for genomic imprinting, and postulate a general means for regulating the time in development at which certain genes become heterochromatically repressed.