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Perry RP , Meyuhas O
Translational Control of Ribosomal-Protein Production in Mammalian-Cells
Enzyme. 1990 ;44(1-4) :83-92
PMID: ISI:A1990GQ28100008   
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Mammalian ribosomal protein (rp) mRNAs are subject to translational control, as illustrated by their selective release from polyribosomes in growth-arrested cells and their under-representation in polyribosomes of normally growing cells. Recent studies have localized the translational regulatory element to the 5' end of the rp mRNA and have demonstrated that an oligopyrimidine tract, which adjoins the cap structure in all known vertebrate rp mRNAs, is an essential part of this element. Possible factors that might interact with the oligopyrimidine tract are discussed.