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Yen TJ , Li G , Schaar BT , Szilak I , Cleveland DW
Cenp-E Is a Putative Kinetochore Motor That Accumulates Just before Mitosis
Nature. 1992 Oct 8;359(6395) :536-539
PMID: ISI:A1992JR85900060   
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THE mechanics of chromosome movement, mitotic spindle assembly and spindle elongation have long been central questions of cell biology1. After attachment in prometaphase of a microtubule from one pole, duplicated chromosome pairs travel towards the pole in a rapid but discontinuous motion2,3. This is followed by a slower congression towards the midplate as the chromosome pair orients with each kinetochore attached to the microtubules f rom the nearest pole. The pairs disjoin at anaphase and translocate to opposite poles and the interpolar distance increases. Here we identify CENP-E as a kinesin-like motor protein (M(r) 312,000) that accumulates in the G2 phase of the cell cycle. CENP-E associates with kinetochores during congression, relocates to the spindle midzone at anaphase, and is quantitatively discarded at the end of the cell division. CENP-E is likely to be one of the motors responsible for mammalian chromosome movement and/or spindle elongation.
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