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Miura I , Graziano SL , Cheng JQ , Doyle LA , Testa JR
Chromosome Alterations in Human Small-Cell Lung-Cancer - Frequent Involvement of 5q
Cancer Research. 1992 Mar 1;52(5) :1322-1328
PMID: ISI:A1992HF63700043   
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Deletions of the 3p chromosome region and molecular alterations of the tumor suppressor genes RB1 and TP53, located, respectively, at 13q14 and 17p13, are well-documented in small cell lung cancer (SCLC). Because of technical difficulties, karyotypes of primary SCLC specimens are rarely reported. In this study, detailed cytogenetic analysis was performed on 13 early passage SCLC cell lines and fresh specimens, including 4 lung primaries. Numerous chromosome alterations were found, even in newly diagnosed primary tumors. Consistent with previous molecular studies, chromosomal losses of 3p (13 cases) and 17p13 (12 cases) were frequently observed. Numerical losses of chromosome 13 and structural rearrangements affecting 13q14 were identified in 10 specimens. In addition, losses of chromosome 5 and structural alterations of 5q occurred in 12 tumors; among these, 9 displayed losses of region 5q13-q21. Double minutes were found in 4 cases (3 of 5 specimens from patients who received prior cytotoxic therapy but only 1 of 8 from untreated patients). DNA analysis revealed amplification of either MYC1 or MYCN in cells from each of these 4 tumors. Overall, the cytogenetic findings underscore that progression of SCLC involves multiple genetic changes and suggest further that a tumor suppressor gene(s) on 5q may contribute to SCLC tumorigenesis.
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