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Kumaresan KR , Ramaswamy M , Yeung AT
Structure of the DNA Interstrand Cross-Link of 4,5',8- Trimethylpsoralen
Biochemistry. 1992 Jul 28;31(29) :6774-6783
PMID: ISI:A1992JF65400018   
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4,5',8-Trimethylpsoralen (TMP) cross-links a 5' TpA or a 5' ApT site by photoreacting with one thymine moiety in each DNA strand. We are interested in whether psoralen interstrand cross-links all share one structure or whether there are significant differences. In this paper, we employed a rapid method for probing the structure of the cross-link by making a series of TMP cross-linked duplexes containing specific base- pair mismatches. The relative stability provided by a base-pair can be correlated with neighboring base pairs by comparing the extents of gel retardation when base-pair mismatches happen in each position. From our studies, we infer that with respect to the furan-side strand, the 5' T.A base pair of the two T.A base pairs in the TpA site is not hydrogen bonded. Immediately on each side of the cross-linked TpA site is a highly stabilized base pair. Next, a region of decreased stability occurs in each arm of a cross-linked duplex and these base, pairs of least stability are located farther away from the cross-linked thymines as the lengths of the arms of the cross-linked helix increase. Finally, even in 7 M urea at 49-degrees-C the cross- linked helix is hydrogen bonded at both ends of a duplex of 22 base pairs. We propose that the structures of interstrand cross-links in DNA vary appreciably with the DNA sequence, the length of the DNA duplex, and the structures of the DNA cross- linking agents.
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