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Borden EC , Kim K , Ryan L , Blum RH , Shiraki M , Tormey DC , Comis RL , Hahn RG , Parkinson DR
Phase-Ii Trials of Interferon-Alpha and Interferon-Beta in Advanced Sarcomas
Journal of Interferon Research. 1992 Dec;12(6) :455-458
PMID: ISI:A1992KC71600010   
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Interferons (IFNs)-alpha and -beta were administered to patients with metastatic sarcomas in two different Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group studies. In one study, patients received IFN-alpha2b, 20 million units/m2 i.v. 5 days/week x 4, then 10 million units s.c. t.i.w. In the second study, patients received IFN-beta(ser) 180 million units t.i.w. Of 87 patients evaluable for response, there were three responses in 64 patients (5%) treated with IFN-alpha-2b and no responses in 23 patients treated with IFN-beta(ser). Severe or life-threatening fatigue with decline in performance status complicated treatment of 37% of patients receiving IFN-alpha2b and 17% of patients receiving IFN-beta(ser). Further investigation of IFNs in sarcomas should depend on evidence from preclinical studies demonstrating synergistic effects of IFNs combined with a cytoreductive modality which has proven activity in these malignancies.
English Article KC716 J INTERFERON RES