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Schnur RE , Wick PA , Bailey C , Rebbeck T , Weleber RG , Wagstaff J , Grix AW , Pagon RA , Hockey A , Edwards MJ
Phenotypic Variability in X-Linked Ocular Albinism - Relationship to Linkage Genotypes
American Journal of Human Genetics. 1994 Sep;55(3) :484-496
PMID: ISI:A1994PF50900010   
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One hundred nineteen individuals from 11 families with X-linked ocular albinism (OA1) were studied with respect to both their clinical phenotypes and their linkage geno-types. In a four- generation Australian family, two affected males and an obligatory carrier lacked cutaneous melanin macroglobules (MMGs); ocular features were identical to those of Nettleship- Falls OA1. Four other families had more unusual phenotypic features in addition to OA1. All OA1 families were genotyped at DXS16, DXS85, DXS143, STS, and DXS452 and for a CA-repeat polymorphism at the Kallmann syndrome locus (KAL). Separate two-point linkage analyses were performed for the following: group A, six families with biopsy-proved MMGs in at least one affected male; group B, four families whose biopsy status was not known; and group C, OA-9 only (16 samples), the family without MMGs. At the set of loci closest to OA1, there is no clear evidence in our data set for locus heterogeneity between groups A and C or among the four other families with complex phenotypes. Combined multipoint analysis (LINKMAP) in the 11 families and analysis of individual recombination events confirms that the major locus for OA1 resides within the DXS85- DXS143 interval. We suggest that more detailed clinical evaluations of OA1 individuals and families should be performed for future correlation with specific mutations in candidate OA1 genes.
English Article PF509 AMER J HUM GENET