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Rimer BK , Orleans CT , Fleisher L , Cristinzio S , Resch N , Telepchak J , Keintz MK
Does Tailoring Matter - the Impact of a Tailored Guide on Ratings and Short-Term Smoking-Related Outcomes for Older Smokers
Health Education Research. 1994 Mar;9(1) :69-84
PMID: ISI:A1994NA27700007   
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There is new evidence that smokers of all ages benefit from cessation of smoking. Although most older smokers, like younger smokers, prefer to quit on their own, at the time this project was started, there were no materials or programs targeted to older smokers. Using the literature, focus groups with older smokers and a national survey of older smokers, we created Clear Horizons, a self-help guide for older smokers, and a telephone counseling protocol tailored to the needs of older smokers (age 50-74). Smokers were recruited from around the United States and assigned randomly to a control guide, Clearing the Air, Clear Horizons alone or Clear Horizons and two counselor calls. Follow-up of nearly 2000 smokers was conducted by telephone 3, 6, 12 and 24 months after delivery of the self-help guides. This report focuses primarily on results at 3 months because that was the measurement for reactions to the interventions. At the 3 month interview, those in the tailored interventions rated their guides more highly than did those in the control group. They also read more of their guides and were more likely to reread them. Quit rates were significantly higher among smokers who received a combination of the tailored guide and telephone counseling. At 3 months, the combination of the guide and telephone counseling was most effective in helping smokers to quit. By 12 months, both the tailored guide alone and the tailored guide and calls groups had higher quit rates than the control guide but were not statistically different from one another.
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