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Phinney DG , Keiper CL , Francis MK , Ryder K
Quantitative-Analysis of the Contribution Made by 5'-Flanking and 3'-Flanking Sequences to the Transcriptional Regulation of Junb by Growth-Factors
Oncogene. 1994 Aug;9(8) :2353-2362
PMID: ISI:A1994NX62900029   
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We have identified four DNAase I-hypersensitive regions (DHRs) at the junB locus, DHR1 is located between sequences - 100 and + 250, DHR2 is centered at - 1000, DHR3 at - 1650, and DHR4 at + 2040 relative to the junB transcriptional start site. Sequence analysis of these DHRs revealed two serum response elements at - 1452 and + 2091, two cyclic AMP response elements at + 2071 and + 2116, and a 12-O-tetradecanoylphorbol-13- acetate (TPA) response element at - 949. To study the contribution made by these cis-elements to junB transcriptional regulation, we stably transfected a recombinant mouse junB gene (JBSV4) containing the intact junB coding sequences, 6.3 kb of 5'-flanking DNA, and 2.0 kb of 3'-flanking DNA into Rat1A cells. The pattern of DHRs identified at the mouse junB locus was re-established at the JBSV4 locus. By directly comparing JBSV4 and rat junB mRNA levels, we found that these genes were induced to equivalent levels by serum, TPA, cyclic AMP, platelet-derived growth factor, epidermal growth factor, and basic fibroblastic growth factor. These results established that JBSV4 resides in a physical environment within chromatin that closely mimics that of the junB locus, and contains the necessary sequence information to recapitulate the transcriptional regulation of junB. By analysing a series of recombinant mouse junB genes containing deletion mutations in 5'-flanking and 3'-flanking sequences, we provide a quantitative assessment of the contribution these sequences make to junB induction by different regulatory agents.
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