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Murray JC , Buetow KH , Weber JL , Ludwigsen S , Scherpbierheddema T , Manion F , Quillen J , Sheffield VC , Sunden S , Duyk GM , Weissenbach J , Gyapay G , Dib C , Morrissette J , Lathrop GM , Vignal A , White R , Matsunami N , Gerken S , Melis R , Albertsen H , Plaetke R , Odelberg S , Ward D , Dausset J , Cohen D , Cann H
A Comprehensive Human Linkage with Centimorgan Density
Science. 1994 Sep 30;265(5181) :2049-2054
PMID: ISI:A1994PJ91200022   
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In the last few years there have been rapid advances in developing genetic maps for humans, greatly enhancing our ability to localize and identify genes for inherited disorders. Through the collaborative efforts of three large groups generating microsatellite markers and the efforts of the 110 CEPH collaborators, a comprehensive human linkage map is presented here. consists of 5840 loci, of which 970 are uniquely ordered, covering 4000 centimorgans on the sex- averaged map. Of these loci, 3617 are polymerase chain reaction-formatted short tandem repeat polymorphisms, and another 427 are genes. The map has markers at an average density of 0.7 centimorgan, providing a resource for ready transference to physical maps and achieving one of the first goals of the Human Genome Project-a comprehensive, high-density genetic map.
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