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Li ZH , Bonney GE , Lathrop GM , Rao DC
Genetic-Analysis Combining Path-Analysis with Regressive Models - the Tau-Model of Multifactorial Transmission
Human Heredity. 1994 Nov-Dec;44(6) :305-311
PMID: ISI:A1994PU52000002   
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We have extended regressive models by incorporating a simple path model (the TAU model). This was achieved for both class A and class D regressive models by expressing the residual correlations in the regressive models in terms of parameters of the path model. We have presented explicit solutions for path coefficients in terms of the residual correlations. These methods were applied to a French-Canadian family study on body mass index. It was found that the estimate of pseudopolygenic heritability was robust under class A (t(2) = 0.28) and class D (t(2) = 0.26) models.
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